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Emilia Olive
3 min readMay 26, 2022

It does not matter if your NFT collection is your first one or if it is one among many projects you have worked on. Whether your community is a new one or has been established for years, you will have to work towards building engagement among your audience consistently to retain their attention. With a good NFT Community Marketing Agency, you can curate targeted content as per your audience’s preferences and gain better lead generation.

Read on to know more about how you can build your community using influencer marketing and creating authenticity for your NFT collection.

Communities are the backbone of a strong and successful NFT collection project. It is through the loyalty and trust you gain from your prospects that you can generate better leads and conversions. There is no point in designing modern or valuable NFTs if you have no community surrounding them — your collection will always remain unrecognised or won’t reach your target audience. Hence, the very first step you should focus on while starting your NFT marketing journey is to build a community.

How can influencers help your brand?

Influencers are a cost-effective and unique way to build your brand awareness. They create face value for your collection and build trust and value. People are more likely to purchase from brands with influencers, as they trust the authenticity and are eager to know more about things endorsed by their favourite influencers. Furthermore, if you pick an influencer from within your niche, you can leverage their followers to follow your content and join your community.

These days, influencers are very much aware of trending templates and new formats of content. They are likely to know all about NFTs and project your collection as the next best thing on the Internet! You could ask them to curate unique content about your NFTs and invite them to organize your live session. They could even help you break down complex concepts and educate the common man — ultimately enhancing your customer base and bringing in more audience members.

What sort of content can you expect from them?

Influencers can help you curate unique content in various formats — be it reels, IGTV videos, interactive posts for engagement, static posts, stories, or even going live! They can reshare your content tagging you or you could reshare the content they post. The value of even using the influencer’s image in your content can go a long way.

To take things to a new level, you could ask the influencer to be present during your Q&A session or collaborate with you to go live. If you are both specialists in the NFT-verse, you could have a live discussion and answer the audience’s questions as well. The influencer could even join your Discord server or Twitter Party to directly interact with the audience. This will bring authenticity and a personality to your brand that the audience can connect with.

Is it expensive to hire influencers? How soon can we see results?

Influencers are surprisingly one of the most cost-effective ways to see lasting results! Even if you choose a micro-influencer, you can bring in a huge audience using their follower base. People are more likely to purchase NFTs from an influencer endorsed brand than a faceless one — this is why you should ask them to announce important details. You could also ask them to announce your giveaway winners or be a part of your newsletter updates.

The point is to use them to draw attention to your important updates and promotional content. It is a great way to retain the audience’s attention and make them believe information that sounds too good to be true! If you approach a quality agency that is qualified in influencer marketing, you will gain access to a diverse network of connections within your niche. If you are worried about how soon you can see results, the answer is — almost instantly! It often takes the effort of just one quality influencer and targeted communication to reach your ideal audience.

If you are planning to invest in influencer marketing and are looking for a good NFT Community Marketing Agency with hands-on experience in the

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